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Margaret Blickenderfer
Instrumental Strings Teacher
Voice Mail (908)735-0950

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Hello String players!
Thank you for checking my page!
Please look for the lesson schedule for class times. Always bring your folder/Tune A Day book and instrument to your lesson and Activity Period orchestra.
The 3rd grade strings has homework (called practice) every week. Please help remind your child to bring their folder/instrument home to practice between lessons. 
Quick reminder: The bow is not a toy and must not be used as a pointer or sword.
*FYI-Parents of all 3rd graders, please note that your child will be performing in the June 2017 Spring Concert! 
Please help your child remember to bring their music folder and instrument on lesson day
*3rd grade string lessons are every Friday
*4th grade string lessons are every Wednesday and Thursday 
*5-6-7-8 grade string lessons are on mixed days-check the schedule!
The 6-7-8 orchestra has rehearsals during Activity Period on B-D-F days. 
The 5th grade orchestra will rehearse on A day Activity Periods.  Sometimes "A" day falls on a lesson day. Then I will see you twice!
The  C-E days are open-practice for any string player.
Musically yours,

Mrs. B
Practicing- I consider this to be homework for strings class. I think that consistency is the best. Aim for 3X's per week, for 15 minutes. Look for times in your child's day, where they can be attentive to what they're learning with little prompting from you. Only encouragement!
      The book required is: A TUNE A DAY Book One  for the violin (or viola, cello, bass)   
I post the schedule for the following week, every Friday, by the instrumental room. All teachers are also given a copy to post in their room. 
*********Please sign up for the E-Alert for when my page is updated*********
I am here at CPS on a part-time basis. My schedule is Tues, Weds, Thursday and Friday.  Emailing me at the school is the best way to reach me with questions or concerns.
Reviewing what we learn in class is the ONLY way to understand and make any music activity easier. Please practice at home so that we can build on that knowledge and perform in class.

Mrs. Blickenderfer

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Last Modified on April 9, 2017